Payments shall be made each month hereafter in advance and in accordance with the schedule provided with the signed agreement. Customer shall have the option of purchasing or returning at any time after three months. All payments paid can be applied towards the time payment price of the instrument specified in the signed agreement. If instrument is purchased and paid for in full within three months, there will be no finance charges. The undersigned agrees to assume full responsibility for loss or damage to the instrument during the agreement period. Instrument remains the property of The Music Center, Inc. until purchased. A REDUCED PAYOFF BALANCE BETWEEN THE TIME PRICE AND THE CASH PRICE WILL BE QUOTED UPON REQUEST.


Herein referred to as M&R, provides the following protection to the BUYER during the agreement period.

   1. If the instrument is stolen, destroyed by fire or damaged beyond satisfactory repair, The Music Center, Inc. agrees to provide a replacement instrument
   of like quality or condition.

   2. In the event of replacement, any unpaid balances on the original instrument shall remain due and payable as agreed and the replacement instrument
   shall be subject to the original agreement, as amended to reflect the description of the replacement instrument.

   3. All maintenance, adjustments and repairs necessary to keep the instrument in proper playing condition shall be performed free of charge under the
   terms of this agreement. This includes all minor and major repairs and parts replacement. Mouthpieces will be replaced according to the manufacturer’s
   standard specifications. This does not include restoration of finish nor replacement of accessories (reeds, oil, drumsticks, heads, swabs, lyres, cases,
   folios, ligatures, strings, rosin or other extras). Repairs made by someone other than The Music Center, Inc. will NOT be reimbursed.

   4. The BUYER agrees to pay the M&R for EACH MONTH along with the purchase payments. The M&R agreement will be cancelled if the account becomes
   more than three months past due.

   5. Replacement will be made only if all proper authorities are notified with 48 hours of theft. Proper authorities are the Band Director, the School
   Principal, the Police or Sheriff’s department and The Music Center, Inc.